Rigging For Games: A Primer For Technical Artists Using Maya and Python is a 375-page book for 3D artists wanting to delve into the technical rigging process of characters, creatures and props in a 3D game environment. It begins by identifying and discussing the various pipeline workflows used in traditional video game development, as well as film production. It then expands on rigging methods using Maya and Python scripting.


The core content of the book focuses on automation, auto-rigs and procedural rigging approaches. These are implemented using a combination of code, nodal workflows and the built-in tools of Maya.
You can find samples of the scripts covered in this book at this location.
[Note: The scripts were written in Python 2.x. If you are using a newer version of Maya, you will need to convert them to Python 3.x.]


The book was published in 2016 by CRC Press and can be purchased on Amazon:

Rigging For Games.